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Hotel Housekeeping to Use Black Light for Cleaning. Too Much or Not Enough?

Posted on 07 June 2012 by Danica

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We traveled around the world, and have stayed at more than our fair share of hostels and low to midscale hotels.  Through it all, aside from one instance that we would rather forget, we never felt the need to pull out our own bed sheets and towels anywhere.  We always thought there is something to be said about letting (or training) your own body’s immune system to take care of most germs .  If the locals can do it, why can’t we?  After all, this is not too different from purposely enduring the minor headaches and resisting from ingesting a dose of Tylenol right away, right?  According to CNN, apparently, we are in the minority on this issue.

According to this article, a recent study conducted by Best Western International indicated a lack of confidence in cleanliness among midscale hotels.  As a result, the hotel chain is rolling out a “I Care Clean” program where housekeepers will be equipped with black-light to detect trouble areas.

I am doubtful that this will work, but remain optimistic that at least the new program can’t hurt.  Why?  I don’t think the cleanliness issue stemmed from housekeepers not knowing what and where to clean, I suspect the issue is they are overloaded with the number of rooms they need to clean within a short period of time, and are stuck between doing a fantastic job at each room and be late on schedule, or doing an okay job and be on time.  I think proper training and ensuring a reasonable workload for the housekeepers will be more useful, unless we, as the travelers, are equipped with a black light and can refuse a room if we deem the room to be unfit for the night?!  Now, that’s a novel concept.

What do you think?  Do you think the new Best Western program will help boost confidence?  And do you bring your own linens to the hotels?  Would love to hear from your experience!


Update: We are people of action.  So, rather than wondering, we decided to put the black light concept to test.  Check out our Hotel Black Light Cleaning Challenge.


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