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Laundry in Marrakech

Posted on 02 October 2011 by David

Often when you travel, you pack enough clothes with you to last you the whole trip.   But when you travel long term there will come a point where you will absolutely have to do laundry.   You have three choices at that point:

1) Wash your own clothes
Washing your own clothes?  But of course, it is the most economical.  However, it takes time to wash clothes.  Then you have to worry about how will you dry them?   If you’re in a cool and damp climate clothes will take more than a day to air dry.

2) Buy new clothes
Buying new clothes is the fastest way to clean clothes.  This can work well if you know where to buy cheap clothing.  This normally works best for undergarments and t-shirts.

3) Find a place to get your clothes washed
If you have built up a pile of dirty clothes, you’re probably better off dropping the clothes off somewhere for washing.   Now if your hostel doesn’t do laundry or your hotel charges per piece, you will have to find and take the load of laundry somewhere to be washed, this might be easier said than done.

In Marrakech we located ONE place that will allow you to drop off your laundry and pick up your clothes that evening or later.  It’s called Lost in Marrakech and as we discovered, trying to find it for the first time will undoubtedly cause you to get lost in Marrakech so the name is quite fitting.

We’ll cover Lost in Marrakech in another article but if you are in Marrakech and you need laundry done quick, follow the map below to find this hidden clothes washing location.   Knock at the door and ring the doorbell.   Hours are 9am to 4pm daily.



Start at Djemaa el Fnaa square.   If you’re a speed walker you can do the walk in 5 min.  If you take a leisurely stroll it may take you up to 15 or 20 min to walk.    See gallery images for hints of what the area looks like at each of the marked locations.

View Lost in Marrakech in a larger map

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