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Hotel Black Light Cleaning Challenge

Posted on 19 June 2012 by Danica

Round the World Travel Hotel


Is this a challenge by Best Western?


We recently reported that Best Western will be piloting a program where its housekeepers will be equipped with black light to clean hotel rooms.  While we remain doubtful that this will work, we figure using this new gadget to clean rooms can’t hurt right?

In fact, on some levels, we take this as a cleaning challenge launched by Best Western against us, the normal travelers, that we will no longer be able to spot a dirty room moving forward.

Why?  Well, because up until Best Western brought up the point about dirty rooms, it never even cross our minds that its rooms may be dirty.  (And honestly, even if it did, we would rather not think about it…)

Now that Best Western made it front and center that they are committed to a completely clean room, we decided to put a plan together where we can test whether it’s working or not.

Black Light Purchase | Hotel Housekeeping Challenge

Meeting the Challenge Heads On – 1st Step


First step of this plan is to purchase a black light.  Now, we always thought black light is only used to shine on white clothes at a party, or a crime scene to detect finger prints, or worse yet, (hold your breath) blood stains.  The horror!  So we are a bit worried about what we may find with this new tool.  We will update you once we use it in a Best Western hotel room.

In the meantime, we started doing some research on a reliable black light to purchase.  Naturally, we headed straight to Amazon, since it practically sells everything under the sun.  We identified the top 3 choices below.

We used the following criteria:

  • Portable
  • Have at least 50 customer reviews
  • Ranked at least 4 stars by the customers
  • Does not cost us an arm and a leg!

So we came down to these 3 choices (in descending order of price):

We are still not sure which of the three to buy yet.  Do you have experience with any of these flashlights?

Have you used black lights for cleaning before?  Which one did you use?  Share your experience below, and help us meet this challenge.  We’d love to hear from you!

Check out our original report on Best Western using black light for housekeeping.


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  1. Adrian Says:

    Yes we’ve used a UV flashlight or Blacklight’s as you refer to when travelling for a few years now. Recently bought a replacement that works so far the best, plus its small. I looked and it has 14 led’s. Got it from for just $15.00

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